Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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ISSN 2542-1913 (Online)


River crossings in the USSR transportation system in war time (the case of the Lower Volga during the Great Patriotic War)

The paper deals with Volga river crossings as a vital means of transportation during the Great Patriotic War. The information on river crossings work before and duringthe Battle of Stalingrad are summarized, systematized and supplemented. The changes intheir number, location and work in fighting are traced. The results of Volga crossings work are established. The conclusion on Volga crossings vital importance for evacuation as well is made.

On the Eve of the Battle of Stalingrad: the First Half of the 1942 Navigation on the Volga

The paper analyses the condition of the Volga river transportation in the beginning of the 1942 navigation and the peculiarities of its organization. The author demonstrates the outcomes of the measures on improvement of the Upper-Volga, Middle-Volga and Lower Volga Steamship Lines as well as the “Volgotanker” Steamship Line. The paper concludes on the exceptional character of transportation of cargoes, oil included, on the Volga in the period.