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история русского города

The main statistical sources for studying the development of the Russian cities in the XIX century

The article deals with the statistical publications of the XIX century, which contain data on Russian cities. The author presents the most important stages of the state statistics formation in Russia in the context of collecting data on urban settlements. The content of the statistical sources issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs is analyzed in detail, specific characteristics and disadvantages of each of these publications are pointed out.

Social-economic development of district towns of Saratov region in 1780-s - early 1800-s.

On the basis of archival and published sources, the author explores the number and occupations of the inhabitants of the district towns of Saratov province in the 1780s — early 1800s. This article also tells about changes in the social-economic development of settlements after receiving city status.

Николай Милютин и реформа городского самоуправления 1846 года в Санкт-Петербурге

Статья посвящена реформе городского самоуправления Санкт-Петербурга, осуществленной в 1846 г. Рассматривается роль Н. А. Милютина в подготовке и реализации этого преобразования. Автор пытается проследить исторические последствия реформы, а также ее влияние на дальнейшую карьеру Милютина.

Dynamics and Structure of the City Budget in Russia in the Middle of the 19th Century (on the Example of Saratov)

The article is devoted to the financial activity of the Saratov City Duma in 1839–70. The city budget, structure of income and expenses are analyzed. The author identifies the main sources of cash receipts and the course of spending. Also he explores the peculiar relationship of the municipality and the state in this area.