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Временное правительство

The Russian parliament and the foreign policy of country after February revolution

After February revolution the foreign policy of the country became a subject of serious disagreements in the Russian society. Lack of the coordinated foreign policy priorities, the distinct purposes and tasks in the field of the international relations led to decrease in productivity of the Russian diplomacy, was a source of a political tension within the country.

Great Russian Revolution of 1917: from the February Events to the October Overturn

The paper analyses the peculiarities of the political process in post-February revolutionary period which was notable for peculiar political forces arrangement, mythologized public consciousness with its belief in miracles and «setting in the realm of freedom». A new legal system was not developed, the level of public legal awareness and political culture was very low. This was one of the important reasons of Russian sovereignty downfall, the situation in the center and the province confirming this.

The Election to Volost Zemsto in the Saratov Province

This article aims to analyze the process of preparing and holding elections to volost zemstvo of the Saratov province in 1917. The author comes to the conclusion that reform of the volost zemstvo by Temporary Government did not achieve the desirable result due to the lack of development of the legislation in the sphere of competence of volost zemstvo and the lack of financial independence of the new structure and absenteeism among peasants.