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Нижне-Волжский край

National personnel in state and party authorities in the Lower Volga region (1928–1932): Preparation, retraining and accounting

The article examines the organization of the process of accounting, training and retraining of national personnel in the Lower Volga region during the period of the first five-year plan, when the success of economic, economic and political campaigns carried out in the country was largely determined by the intensification of efforts in the field of training personnel for the party and state apparatus.

Rifle Сorps in Saratov

The article is devoted to the rifle corps of the Red Army, whose headquarters were established in Saratov.

Foreign Specialists at the Industrial Enterprises of the Lower Volga Region in the 1920s–1930s

The article discusses the participation of foreign experts in the construction and reconstruction of industrial enterprises of the Lower Volga region in 1920–1930s. In the framework of the methodological concept of social history and the history of everyday life issues of productivity, socio-cultural and social adaptation of foreigners, their relationships with Soviet colleagues, with the administration of the are addressed. The article is based on the archival materials introduced into scientific circulation for the first time.