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лесная стража

The Forest Fund of the Saratov Province in the 1920s

The condition of forest Fund of the Saratov province in the years of new economic policy on the basis of archival materials is investigated in the article. Some data on the area of the woods of the province and degree of cover of the population with forest materials are provided. The article examines the fight against fires and pests of the forest. The problem of illegal cuts has been studied in detail. The reasons that caused massive forest theft by the local population are analyzed.

Personnel Policy of the State in Forestry of the NEP Period: Problems and Lessons (Based on the Materials of the Volga Region)

The article examines the unexplored in historiography question of the state personnel policy in relation to forestry workers on the example of the Volga region, which in the 1920s was controversial. A major success should take the emergence of the forest Institute in the Tatar ASSR and forestry College in the Penza province, which contributed to the increase in the number of qualified professionals in the region. But the ongoing mass layoffs and separations of workers of forest areas has led to the deterioration of the forest Fund.