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Forms of Re-evacuation of Population from the Saratov Area in the Years of Great Patriotic War

The article is sacred to the insufficiently known aspects of migration of population in the years of Great Patriotic war. On the basis of the vast archived material an author investigates receptions and methods of returning of the evacuated population into former places of inhabitation, general mechanism of re-evacuation processes. The features of state and independent re-evacuation come to light. Likenesses and distinctions of re-evacuation processes are shown for the different social and professional layers of soviet society.

Migrants to the Post-Deportation Territories of the Volga Region, North Caucasus and Crimea in the 1940s: Ethnic Appearance and Social Portrait

The article analyzes the ethnic appearance and social portrait of immigrants to the post-deportation territories of the Volga region, the North Caucasus and the Crimea in the 1940s. It is proved that mostly Russians and Ukrainians moved to the settlements that were deserted after deportation. The conclusion is made about the successful adaptation of the majority of immigrants to new living conditions.