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медицинское обслуживание

Formation and development of the state healthcare system in Tsaritsyn – Stalingrad province in the 1920s

The article analyzes the issues of organization of medical care for the population of Tsaritsyn – Stalingrad province in the 1920s. The difficulties of the health authorities in reducing infectious diseases, improving the quality of medical care, as well as the actions and measures taken by them to develop state medicine were noted. The article is based on archival materials introduced into scientific circulation for the first time. 

On the verge of the survival: youth in conditions social and economic crisis of the 1930th.

In article the vital world of the young man through a prism of a food allowance, medical care, child mortality and social policy of the state is considered. The special attention is paid to studying of current situation in the country in the conditions of crisis of supply of 1939-1941. For deeper understanding of sociocultural processes of the 1930th the phenomenon of the young man taking into account his mental and behavioural characteristics is considered


В настоящей статье на основе анализа литературы и архивных материалов исследуется состояние здравоохранительных учреждений российской деревни, выявляются проблемы, связанные с медицинским обслуживанием сельского населения в первое послевоенное десятилетие. Особое внимание обращается на выявление таких лечебно-профилактических мероприятий, которые оказывали влияние на состояние трудовых ресурсов села. Автор вводит в оборот новые данные, ранее остававшиеся за рамками научных исследований, излагает собственное оригинальное видение затронутых в публикации проблем.

Social and Everyday Problems of the Population of Saratov and Ways of Their Solution During the Great Patriotic War

The article shows the state of the housing stock, the work of public services, anti-epidemic measures and the activities of the health system of the city of Saratov as elements of the social policy of the state and the daily life of the population during the great Patriotic war. It is concluded that for objective reasons in the social sphere housing and communal conditions have significantly deteriorated, but the system of medical care of the urban population has coped in 1941–1945 with the tasks assigned to it.

Medical Care for Residents of Ivanovo, Kostroma and Yaroslavl Regions in Virgin Lands in 1954–1964 Years

The problem of the introduction of unused land into agricultural turnover is currently relevant in society, since at the present stage the state is implementing a campaign to develop the uninhabited territories of the Far East of the country. During this period, a large number of studies on virgin lands were published, but today many questions remain open. In particular, the problem of medical care in the virgin lands is not sufficiently studied by historians.