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“Life is full of hard work alone…”: Alexei Ivanovich Mikhailovsky in the history of Kazan University

The article for the first time presents a biography and considers the circumstances of the tragic death of Alexei Ivanovich Mikhailovsky, a lecturer in English and a compiler of the fundamental three-volume reference book “Teachers who studied and served at the Imperial Kazan University (1804–1904)”. Attention is paid to the conditions of Mikhailovsky’s work on a reference book in connection with the preparations for the 100th anniversary of Kazan University.

New Research about Educational Activity ScientistsAgrarians

The review gave an analysis of the monograph of S. A. Kozlov, which presented the reconstruction of biographies of prominent Russian scientists, having made a significant contribution to the development and implementation of new agricultural practices and sustainable farming practices, and also in promotion of scientific knowledge and creation of a system of agricultural education in the Russian Empire in XIX and early XX of centuries. Features of author’s approach, the importance of the research done by the historian are noted, debatable questions are designated.