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The Women and Children Problem in German Families of the Saratov Right-Bank Volga Region and its Transformation (mid 1760s – late 1920s)

The article is devoted to the underinvestigated aspects of the daily life of the German colonies of the Saratov Right-Bank Volga Region. The author analyses family, legal and property status of a woman in a German peasant family. The author also examines the relationships between the spouses, parents and children.

Lisle Spouses: Business Partners or «Loving Friends»?

The article discusses the relationship of spouses in the early Tudors aristocratic family. The material from the correspondence of Lady Honour Lisle and Sir Arthur, Viscount Lisle, reveals topics that were discussed between spouses. These are business issues related to the financial situation of the family, news about family members, acquaintances and court life, exchange of gifts. The letters also show the feelings that the Lisle spouses had for each other.