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G. E. Rasputin and «Rasputiniada» in Russia’s Destiny Early XX Century (According to the Extraordinary Commission of Inquiry of Provisional Government)

The article attempts to define the role and impact of GE Rasputin on domestic and foreign policies of the last Russian emperor. Emphasis is placed on the study materials of Extraordinary Commission of Inquiry of Provisional Government, engaged «survey of the dark forces». The author concludes that the result of political and criminal adventures of Rasputin at the royal court was to discredit the royal family and the destruction of the sacredness of the Russian monarchy.

I. A. Fessler about the French Revolution: French «Lessons» of German Conservatism

This article is the analysis of the views of German philosopher IA Fessler on the French Revolution. The author analyzes the assessments which Fessler gives to the goals of the revolution, the actions of the revolutionary parliaments, and to the role of the masses. On the example of Fessler, the attitude of conservative German-speaking intellectual elite to the French political experience is examined.

The Debate about the Monarchy in French Political Thought in the 16th Century

The paper deals with the central problem of political theory in the 16th century France during the period of the formation of new concepts. The author attempts to analyze the evolution in the interpretation of the problem of monarchy as well as the character of the discussion around the problem of the monarchy during the civic and religious wars.