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просветительская философия

The Freemasons: Mystics, Enlighteners, Revolutionaries

The focus of the author are the events of the European Masonic movement in the XVII – XVIIIth centuries. Analysis of sources helped to illuminate the causes the course of the reform of “old masonry” in Britain in the Modern history. It is shown that the change agents were the intellectuals, members of the Royal Society. Their aim was wide-ranging reforms society in the spirit of the concepts of the Enlightenment. As the author proves, new Grand Lodge actively exported their practices to Europe and North American colonies.

British Enlightenment in the faces of their time: View from Russia of the 21st century

The review contains comments that were the result of acquaintance with a new book by Russian experts on the history of the British Enlightenment. The authors focused on the main representatives of several generations of this direction of philosophical thought. Their bright essays are based on attracting a wide range of sources and scientific literature. Readers will have the opportunity to expand their understanding of the work of British educational intellectuals.