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сельское хозяйство

Features of Collective Farming, 1950–1960

The article covers the period 1950–1960. how the transition of agriculture to intensive development. Drawing on the work of local historians, using a wide of source material, the author seeks to highlight the ambiguity and contradictions of state policy in the collective-farm production.

Reforming of the country's agricultural sector at the end of XX century

The article analyzes the process of reforming of the country's agriculture at the end of XX century on the basis of regulatory documents, statistics and periodicals. We study the order of the reorganization of collective and state farms, creation of conditions for the formation of peasant (farmer), joint stock companies, co-operative farms.. The conclusion is that the agrarian policy of the state is not drawn on the experience of doing the farm. The reforms were not prepared and carried out in a short time by incompetent people.

The journals of the Primorsky and Amur communities of agriculture as a source on the history of the agrarian development of the Far Eastern region (early XX century)

The article deals with printed periodicals of large agricultural communities of the Amur region of the early XX century. It is shown to what extent the information published in them reflects the development of the agrarian sector of the region: government activities; development trends of the colonization land fund; the nature and methods of solving agricultural problems specific to the region. The conditions in which the Amur agricultural societies and the history of their printed periodicals operated are shown.