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Personalities of the Time of Troubles: Feodor Timofeevich Chernovo-Obolensky

In the center of attention of the article is the life of one of the little-known figures of the Time of Troubles, who was in the center of events, related to the formation of the Novgorod-Swedish political union, and the negotiations in Yaroslavl between the leaders of the Nizhny Novgorod’s militia and Novgorod’s citizens. The author considers the following life of this person in detail, his joining the government of Michael Romanov, his post of voevoda of Saratov, taking part in the construction of a new fortress in Astrakhan.

Unknown pages of the Saratov’s left bank

The article deals with the unknown pages of the history of the left bank of Saratov, related with staying in this city many well-known secular and church leaders in the XVII century. First time given the chronology of events that took place in this city.

The Role of R. R. Rosen at Russo-Japanese Negotiations about Korean and Manchurian Question

The article focuses on the Russian minister to Japan R. R. Rosen’s role at the negotiations that preceded the war of 1904 – 1905. Because of quite long stay at the diplomatic service in Japan, he could study Japanese interests in East Asia and the attitude of the Japanese society to the Russian Empire claims to the control over Manchuria and Korea thoroughly.

How the Russian-British commercial treaty of 1734 was prepared (based on the materials of diplomatic correspondence)

Based on the analysis of diplomatic correspondence of British ambassador in Russia at the court of Empress Anna Ioannovna highlights the process of preparation for the conclusion of the Russian-British commercial treaty in 1734. In foreign and Russian historiography, the treaty was actively discussed, but the plot related to its preparatory stage was poorly covered, or not touched at all.