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From the History of the Development of Public Transport Saratov

In this publication we study the peculiarities of public transport in Saratov, which has become an essential part of everyday life. The author examines urbanization processes in pre-revolutionary period, based on new archival data using the modern methodological principles.

«Golden Age» of Meschanstvo: Urban Daily Routine of Meschanstvo Estate in the 50–60s of the XIX Century

The article provides the analysis of the meschanstvo estate daily routine in the provincial Samara town in the 50–60s of the XIX century. The period of time which precedes the City Reform of 1870 is considered to be “the Golden age” of the meschanstvo estate identity due to the fact that in this very period of time meschanstvo acted especially actively within the town community.

On the verge of the survival: youth in conditions social and economic crisis of the 1930th.

In article the vital world of the young man through a prism of a food allowance, medical care, child mortality and social policy of the state is considered. The special attention is paid to studying of current situation in the country in the conditions of crisis of supply of 1939-1941. For deeper understanding of sociocultural processes of the 1930th the phenomenon of the young man taking into account his mental and behavioural characteristics is considered

Dagestan aul of the NEP era: Touches of everyday life (the first half of the 1920s)

The article examines rural everyday life in Dagestan in the first decade of Soviet power. On the basis of archival documents, the influence of the NEP on the daily life of the rural population, which turned out to be burdensome for them, is revealed. Despite the class approach, the new tax campaign led to a deterioration in the financial situation of the highlander, since it was carried out without taking into account the specifics of the republic’s agriculture.