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локальная история

The Toponymic Landscape of the New District of the City as a Part of the Soviet Policy of Building Communism (on the Materials of Omsk Gorodok Neftyanikov)

The present article is a part of a larger comparative study on the history of everyday life of the new urban area in the USSR during the Khrushchev thaw. The toponimy is the source for the reconstruction of a local variant of the reflection in the urban area of the course of the communism building. We used the methods of the new local history, new social history and theory of urban cultural space.

Heads of local authorities in central Russia from the regional reform of Peter I to the administrative transformations of Catherine II: “Local history” opus

. The review is devoted to the first monographic study about the leaders of the Vladimir province – an administrative unit in central Russia,formed duringthe Petrine reforms and abolished under Catherine II. It was found that the book by L. A. Mogilnaya meets the criteria inherent in modern researching with the “local history” methodology. The book is also a serious contribution to the study of the history of local government and its leaders, traditional for Russian science, and an example for carrying out similar works in other regions.