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Anti-Semitic rhetoric of Hieromonk Iliodor (Trufanov) as a reflection of the crisis of the Russian Orthodox Church at the beginning of the XX century

The article analyzes the anti-Semitic rhetoric of hieromonk Iliodor (Trufanov) as one of the most scandalous Clerical figures of the Russian Empire in the early XX century. The process of politicization of the Russian Orthodox Church for legitimizing power and serving the national ideology in the context of the Synodal crisis is reviewed. Many clergymen were the spiritual leaders of legal monarchical organizations and thus supported their national policies. The Jewish issue became a marker of the crisis of the Church.

Антисемитская риторика иеромонаха Илиодора (Труфанова) как отражение кризиса Русской Православной Церкви в начале ХХ века

Статья посвящена анализу антисемиткой риторики иеромонаха Илиодора (Труфанова) как одного из скандальных церковных деятелей Российской империи начала XX в. В контексте синодального кризиса рассматривается процесс политизации РПЦ, путем превращения ее в инструмент обслуживания национальной идеологии. Маркером кризиса церковной и всей государственной системы стал еврейский вопрос, раскрывающий причины упадка синодальной системы и политизации духовенства. Взгляды иеромонаха Илиодора – яркое тому подтверждение.


This article is devoted to the analysis of the image of Stasov, outstanding Russian art critic, from the direction of his enemies in the newspaper «Novoe Vremya» («New Time»). There is distinguished the polemics, which is developed in the national periodical press as regards the productions ofV. V. Vereshchagin, I. Ye. Repine, M. M. Antocolsky and «The New Russian School» leaders. This productions, presented by Stasov as picture of «the Russian direction», were roughly criticized by the «Novoe Vremya».