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A new document about the protohistory of the city of Samara

The article covers the analysis of a document dedicated to protohistory of the city of Samara. It is an attempt to identify a before unnamed Siberian tsarevna and her son as mentioned in the source. The author tries to take a fresh look at the matrimonial policy of Khan Kuchum as well as some events of the Time of Trouble


The given article focuses on the visit of a Crimean tsrevich Murad Geray in the autumn 1586 to Astrakhan, organized by Moscow authorities. It was the time when Murad Geray had to come in Russia in because of another dynastic conflict. The author also engages the issue, how this event was used by the Moscovites for the sake of their foreign-policy objectives regarding their empowerment at North Caucasus and fight against Crimean invasions.