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освобождение крестьян

«Justice Demands to Ask Peasants...»: Experience of Dialgue of Liberal Reformers with Peasants on the Eve of 1861

In article separate private experience of clearing of the peasants, taking place on the eve of 1861 in A.V. Golovnin, A.D. Bludova and K.D. Kavrlin’s manors are considered. Research shows similarity of perception initiators of reforms of reaction from outside peasants. In article comes to light, how stereotypes about country passivity, to irrationality and backwardness interfered with dialogue of landowners-reformers with peasants.

Philosophical concept A. S. Kaisarov the peasant question (based on dissertation «Serfs exemption in Russia»)

In the article the philosophical position of an outstanding representative of the scientific concept of aristocratic intellectuals Alexander era AS Kaisarov the peasant question in Russia. The research is based on an analysis of the views of the author, and description of the humanist position Kaisarov, based on the evidence of his thesis "On the emancipation of the serfs in Russia".