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Конференция «Город и общество»

Unknown pages of the Saratov’s left bank

The article deals with the unknown pages of the history of the left bank of Saratov, related with staying in this city many well-known secular and church leaders in the XVII century. First time given the chronology of events that took place in this city.

Raffelstetten Customs Regulations as a Source of the Great Moravia Trade in the IX–X Centuries

The article describes the value of Raffelstetten customs regulations for history of Great Moravia. The Danube trading ways were an important component of Moravian economic development. The studied material led to the conclusion that the trade of Great Moravia was intensive and had a wide geographical area.

Urban Solidarity: Reaction to the Town Revolts in the Low Countries in the XIV – Middle XV Centuries

The article deals with the evolution of relationship between the towns of Netherlands (mainly Flanders) during the XIV – middle XV centuries. The research of great town revolts shows gradual decrease of mutual support in the case of political crisis that could be caused by the increased power of the “central government” along with the rising number of economical and political contradictions which always existed between towns and regions of the Low Countries.