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XIII век

The “Evil Years” after the death of King Przemysl Ottokar II in Bohemia and the regency of Otto of Brandenburg (1278–1283)

This article covers the political events that took place in the Czech Kingdom in the period from 1278 to 1283, which is known as the “Evil Years” by the national historical science of the Czech Republic. The main topic of this study is the difficult accession to the throne of Wenceslas II, due to his early childhood, who became a victim of political intrigues of both his own courtiers and external forces.

The polish direction of Przemysl’s foreign policy in the second half of the XIII century

This article is devoted to the coverage of the foreign policy actions of the Czech rulers Przemysl Ottokar II and Wenceslaus II in the Polish lands. The latter, having analyzed the political miscalculations of his powerful father, Przemysl II Ottokar, decided to focus on the eastern direction of foreign policy, hoping to take advantage of the internecine strife of the Polish princes from the Piast dynasty.