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Western Siberia

Anti-Fascist Movement of Prisoners of War in the West Siberian Camps of the NKVD-MVD USSR and its Role in Organizing the Labor Process

Anti-fascist movement had a significant impact on the productivity of prisoners in Western Siberia in the postwar years. Camp Division Administration placed great hopes on the anti-fascist committees to build skills in an environment of war high labor and the growth of its efficiency, reduction of occupational injuries, illnesses and deaths; expose the saboteurs, wreckers, instigators, participants in the underground formations and groups.

The Material and Living Conditions Problems of NKVD– MVD Camps in Western Siberia and their Solutions

In this article discusses the basic material and conditioners problems of NKVD–MVD camps in Western Siberia and their solutions in World War II and the postwar period and their influence on the dynamics of the employment fund war prisoners and interned civilians in the Western Siberian region. The author concludes that the unresolved these issues were result of increased health losses, reduced labor fund, low profitability of the camps.