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F.M. Dostoevsky and Russian-Turkish war 1877–1878

In article sights of well-known Russian writer Feodor Mihajlovicha Dostoevsky at the Balkan crisis on the nature voo-ruzhennyh cataclysms are considered 1877–1878. As spend parallels in history of relations various political and public figures of Russia of 70th of XIX century from-nositelno Russian-Turkish war 1877–1878.

The timeline of Sultan Khan-Girey, the Adyghe enlightener and public figure

Historical and biographic studies are gaining relevance in national historiography. In this article, the timeline of the Adyghe enlightener and public figure Sultan Khan-Girey is traced, and also his public and publicistic activity is revealed. The progressive views of the enlightener are asserted on the basis of the carried-out analysis.

Population of the Volga German Republic: Life and labour in June – September 1941 (for the 80th anniversary of the events)

The author of the article examines the changes that occurred in the life and work of the population of the Volga German Republic under the state of emergency caused by the outbreak of the war. The article examines the transformation of the state’s policy towards the Volga German: from emphasized loyalty to deaf hostility and their eviction from the region.