Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Public education in Tsaritsyn–Stalingrad in 1917–1929: Formation, difficulties, results N

The article analyzes the process of formation and development of public education in Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad from 1917(from the creation of the state commission for education in Soviet Russia) to the end of the 1920s (the results achieved in the eradication of illiteracy among the urban population, its vocational training). The activities of the city council and the section of public education are highlighted, difficulties in eliminating illiteracy, creating the material and technical base of educational institutions, and training qualified personnel are identified.

The towns of Low Volga Region during the Interregnum (1610–1613)

This article is devoted to the history of the towns of Lower and Middle Volga in the Time of Troubles during the Interregnum. The author investigates consequences from suppression of riots in the cities of the Volga region during the reign of Basil Shuisky, participation military men from Ponizova Volga in the organization of the First and Second militias