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The developmentof saltminingin Astrakhan province (on the exampleofChapchachi saltmountain)in the second halfof the XIX century

The article covers the history of the organization of salt business at the Chapchachinsky stone deposit of the Astrakhan province in the second half of the XIX century. It is shown that Mount Chapchachi is a unique deposit of rock salt of the Astrakhan province. Since the 60s XIX century enhanced development of the field begins. Initially, the government allowed everyone wishing to extract salt on the mountain in an open way, and later, wanting to establish the correct development in the field using the construction of the mine, handed over the field to the merchant I.

Some Source Research Problems of Studying the Monastery Development of the Southern Middle Volga Region in the Second Half of the XVII Century

The article considers the source research problems of studying the development of the Southern Middle Volga by the largest central monasteries in Russia. It is concluded that despite the loss of the sources stored in the order of the Kazan Palace, the revealed archival materials make it possible to reconstruct the features of the formation of a large commercial and industrial-agricultural complex. Its production capabilities played an important role in the economic development of Russia in the second half of the XVII century.