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Some Delinquencies in the Daily Life of the German Population of the Saratov Right-Bank Volga Region and Struggle with Them (1768–1917)

The article is devoted to the analysis of delinquencies in the daily life of the German population of the Saratov Right-Bank Volga Region and the preventive punishments. The author examines the questions of division of property. Particular attention is paid to delinquencies connected with relations between the colonists, author analyses and shows different perception of the law and moral norms by the German population.

Crime in London at the Beginning of the 14th Century

Some aspects of London`s criminality at the beginning of the XIV century are considered in this article based on the authentic material. The author reveals the factors which contributed to manifestation of crime as some kind of deviant behavior and presents classification of London`s crimes in 1305; the author also identifies social and professional composition of criminals and the types of punishments.