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the Time of Troubles

Personalities of the Time of Troubles: Feodor Timofeevich Chernovo-Obolensky

In the center of attention of the article is the life of one of the little-known figures of the Time of Troubles, who was in the center of events, related to the formation of the Novgorod-Swedish political union, and the negotiations in Yaroslavl between the leaders of the Nizhny Novgorod’s militia and Novgorod’s citizens. The author considers the following life of this person in detail, his joining the government of Michael Romanov, his post of voevoda of Saratov, taking part in the construction of a new fortress in Astrakhan.

The founder of Tomsk Gavrila Ivanovich and the unknown governor of Saratov Yakov Gavrilovich Pisemsky: Biography pages

The article for the first time presents the biography of the previously unknown governor of Saratov Yakov Gavrilovich Pisemsky, as well as his father, Gavrila Ivanovich,the founder ofthe city of Tomsk. Yakov Pisemsky began his service as an elected nobleman in Tula, then became a Moscow tenant, for some time he was the steward of Patriarch Filaret, and from March 1628 until the end of his life – a Moscow nobleman. Service as governor in Saratov in 1642–43 was the last step in his life.

Voivode Stepan Vasil’evich Chemesov – Saratov fortress builder (1630–1631)

In the article are the unknown aspects of the left bank of Saratov associated with being in this city voivode Stepan Vasil’evich Chemesov and building of a new fortress. First is a detailed biography of this figure of the Time of Troubles, which participated in the Volok’s defense from the Poles, in the fighting near Tikhvin and Putivl. Author traces the further destiny of this man, who in 1630 led the building of a new Saratov fortress

Saratov voivode the prince Ivan the Big Fedorovich Shahovskoy (1637-1639)

The article describes the unknown pages of the left bank of Saratov connected with voivode’s the Big Ivan Fedorovich Shahovskoy staying in the city, and Holstein embassy, whose secretary was Adam Oleary. These ambassadors returned from Persia to Moscow in 1638 through Astrakhan and Saratov.

First is a detailed biography of prince Ivan Shahovskoy who was voivode in many cities in Russia (Tsarevosanchursk, Ryl'sk, Tomsk, Saratov and Nizhny Novgorod).

Voivode Andrey Fyodorovich Naumov: Unknown Pages of the Biography

The article introduces a novel detailed biography of Saratov voivode, Andrei Fyodorovich Naumov, a little-known figure of the Time of Troubles, who took part in combats at Smolensk and defended Moscow from the Poles. The author traces the further fate of this man, who replaced Saratov voivode Stepan Chemesov in 1632.