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the Middle East

The «Islamic awakening» and the «Arab Spring»: Iran's foreign policy doctrine

This article analyzes the theoretical concept of "Islamic awakening," proposed by the leader of the Islamic Revolution Ali Khamenei for the interpretation of the events of the "Arab Spring" in the Middle East. Based on the study of statements Khamenei, analyzes the theoretical basis of the doctrine of foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the present stage for regional security cooperation and pan-Islamic

Chronicle of the Events of the 50s of the XX Century in the Middle East in Reflection of the Turkish Magazine «Akis»

The article is devoted to the events in the Middle East of the middle of the 20th century and their reflection on the pages of the Turkish opposition magazine Akis. The author pays special attention to the discussion and assessments of Turkey’s interference in the regional conflict, shows the evolution of the magazine’s position in relation to the Suez events, Egypt and its leader, G. A. Nasser.

Preconditions and reasons for the emergence of a military-political bloc in the Middle East in the mid-1950s

This article examines the political and economic processes taking place in or related to the Middle East from the mid-30s to 1955. At the work, the author systematizes the prerequisites and reasons for the formation of CENTO, deduced on the basis of the facts set out in the work and the identified cause-and-effect relationships. The following methods were used in the work: abstraction in historical knowledge, cause-and-effect analysis of connections between historical events, historical-system analysis.