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the history of the Volga region

Generalizing works on the Samara Luka and the Usolskaya Patrimony of the XVIII – early XX centuries as an experience of modern research practices of “local history”

The article analyzes comprehensive studies of the unique natural and cultural-historical territory on the Middle Volga – Samara Luka and one of the largest landlords in Russia – the Usolsky Patrimony of the Orlovs and Orlov-Davydovs. This example shows the role of historians and modern methods of “local history” in interdisciplinary studying the past of Russian regions, including the processes of the colonization and the development of the South-East of European Russia.

Celebration of the 300th Anniversary of the House of Romanov in the cities of the Volga region

On the materials of the state archives of Samara, Kazan, Cheboksary and on published historical sources the article analyzes the preparations for the celebrations dedicated to the 300th anniversary ofthe Romanov dynasty. It is shownthat preparationsforthe holidaytook on a universal  character, all segments of the population, independent of class, national, religious affiliation, were involved in the process of this preparation. Programs of celebrations are analyzed, they depended on a specific city, its material capabilities and the composition of the population.