Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Mobilization of the Public Financial Resources During the Great Patriotic War: the Practice of the Saratov Region

The article substantiates the necessity and possibility of wide attraction of money of the population during the Great Patriotic War, due to which the revenue part of the state budget and inflation control were largely provided. The regional practice of implementation in 1941–1945 of tax policy of the state, mobilization of means of workers through acquisition of bonds of loans, monetary and ware lotteries, placement of deposits in savings banks, and also mass national movement on creation of Fund of defense is analyzed.

Socio-economic everyday life of individual farms in the Saratov Volga region in the first half of the 1930s

 The article examines the features of the life of individual peasants in the Saratov Volga region in the conditions of the dominance of collective farms. On the basis of archival documents, the direction and content of state policy in relation to individuals is revealed. Having survived the nightmare of the first years of collectivization, individual farmers began to gradually adapt to new conditions and show their resilience in an unfavorable environment. As a result, instead of joining the collective system, they discredited it by their example.