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Personalities of the Time of Troubles: Feodor Timofeevich Chernovo-Obolensky

In the center of attention of the article is the life of one of the little-known figures of the Time of Troubles, who was in the center of events, related to the formation of the Novgorod-Swedish political union, and the negotiations in Yaroslavl between the leaders of the Nizhny Novgorod’s militia and Novgorod’s citizens. The author considers the following life of this person in detail, his joining the government of Michael Romanov, his post of voevoda of Saratov, taking part in the construction of a new fortress in Astrakhan.

Personalities of The Time of Troubles: Semeon Gavrilovich Korobyin

In article unknown pages of history of struggle between Russia, Poland and Sweden in the Time of Troubles are considered. For the first time voivode and diplomat Semeon Gavrilovich Korobyin’s detailed biography is presented. He participated in the revolt of Bolotnikov, and then has come over to the side of Vasily Shuisky, battled against Lzhedmitrij II, released Moscow from Poles in 1611–1612.

Сharles XII at Narva in autumn 1700: Testimonies from his confidants

The Narva campaign of Charles XII and the victory of the Swedish army over the Russian army in the Battle of Narva on November 19, 1700, was the greatest success of Charles XII and, at the same time, the gravest defeat of Peter I in The Great Northern War (1700–1721). This explains the long-standing and close attention of historians to the role of the young Swedish king in the «greatest victory over the Russians».