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Number Old Believer the Kazan Province in XIX – the Beginning of XX Centuries

Article is devoted a statistics problem Old believers. The author investigates government measures in this direction and answers thorny questions: what advantages and lacks why the statistics has not given desirable results at spent censuses of conservatives were. Also in article light is shed changes of number of supporters of old belief in the Kazan province in XIX and the beginning XX centuries, the old believe centres in province and on many other things.

The Statistical Committee of Saratov Gubernia in the 1870–1880

The local authorities of the government statistics in the XIX century were gubernia statistics committees. The articles deals with the activities of the Saratov gubernia statistics committee. It is showed that the ways of collecting statistical data, the technigues and methods of their scientific processing by their members of the staff left much to be desired. The zemstvo statistics became more effective in comparison with the gubernia administrative statistics.

«Rules of an Estimation Immovable Property for Taxation by Zemstvo Gathering» on June, 8th, 1893 and Change of Problems of Zemstvo Statistics

In the 90s of the XIX century in Russia’s zemstvo gubernias appraise work was being done on determining the earning power of the lands intended for agriculture, and also real estate for the purpose of imposing zemstvo taxes. The foundation for that research was laid by ordaining the law «Rules of assessment of real estate for imposing zemstvo fees» on June 8, 1893 which put the performance of zemstvo statistical work under government control.