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The Dismantling of the Single Union and the Soviet System of the International Relations in August – December 1991

The article analyzes the specifics of the process of dismantling the Union state and the Soviet mechanism of interethnic interaction. The events associated with the birth of a new geopolitical reality in the former Soviet Union are studied. The sources of future conflicts in the emerging post-Soviet space are studied. The conclusion about the mobilizing value of ethno-nationalism as the main driving force in the disintegration of a single state is made.

Geographical Environment, Nature de Peuple and Nationbuilding in Bodin’s Political Theory

The paper deals with one of the important aspects of the Bodin’s political theory, the question of the environmental influence on the peculiarities of the development of peoples and the nature of nation-building. The author analyzes this problem in the context of general trends in the development of political thought of the epoch and the dispute about the problem of ethnic identity, emphasizing the practical orientation of Bodin’s views.

The Debate about the Monarchy in French Political Thought in the 16th Century

The paper deals with the central problem of political theory in the 16th century France during the period of the formation of new concepts. The author attempts to analyze the evolution in the interpretation of the problem of monarchy as well as the character of the discussion around the problem of the monarchy during the civic and religious wars.