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The conspiracy of Denmark Vesey: Causes and prerequisites

This article considers one of the most significant events in African–American history – the Charleston slave Conspiracy of 1822. The author focuses on the causes and prerequisites of this phenomenon, which are divided into 5 groups (political, socio-cultural, socio-economic, demographic and personal motives). Subjecting each of them to a critical analysis, he comes to the conclusion that it is impossible to attribute the Denmark Vesey conspiracy to typical slave uprisings.

The Legal Status of a Slave in the Early Medieval England

The article is about slavery in the early medieval England, a problem poorly discussed by Russian scholars. Slave’s legal status and capacity are under consideration. The author draws a conclusion that slaves in the Anglo-Saxon society possessed a certain degree of the legal capacity though diminished by comparison to that of the freemen. Slaves bore responsibility for their misdeeds, could have a family and own a property.

N. A. Milyutin in memoirs and epistolary heritage of his wife M. A. Milyutina

The article analyses "The Notes" by M. A. Milyutina and her correspondence with I. S. Turgenev, published in "Russkaya Starina", and also archive documents from Milyutin's Fund (RGIA, F. 869. Op. 1. D. 1149). The studied materials provided new features to N. A. Milyutin's biography, showed the backstage struggle in the most complicated period of the reformer's activity (mid-1850s to early 1860s) and revealed the peculiarities of his character in his relations with his wife, the like-minded people and the conservative opposition. 

The Catholic Church and the colonial policy of France during the Revolutionary period of the late XVIII Century

The article examines the problem of the ideological and policy influence of the Church on colonial politics and the establishment of equality during the 1789 Revolution, based on the material of the Parliamentary Archives, memoirs of contemporaries and an extensive body of scientific literature.