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Smolensk 1632–1634 War Seversky Campaign in the Documents of Russian State Archive of Ancient Documents

Of the sources in this article provides a set of documents testifying to the events and hostilities on the Seversky Theatre Smolensk war years 1632–1634.

Voivode of Saratov Prince Fyodor Petrovich Boryatinsky (1648–1650): Controversial pages of the biography

The article for the first time presents a detailed biography of the governor of Saratov, Prince Fyodor Petrovich Boryatinsky. This prince Rurikovich first distinguished himself in battles on the southern borders of the country in the final period of the Time of Troubles after the election of Mikhail Romanov as tsar. In the autumn of 1613, he freed Starodub from the supporters of the Polish prince Vladislav, participated in the campaign against Gomel, and then fought near Dorogobuzh, defended Moscow in 1618.