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Saratov Prostitution at the Turn of the XX Century

The article examines the issue of Saratov prostitution as a part of everyday life at the turn of the XX century. The analysis of the deviation and its state control are based on the archive documents. Regional development in early years of Russian modernization was detected.

«I find myself in Saratov in my sorrows…»: Pavel (Paisiy) Dubenskoy

The article compares biographical information about Pavel Dubenskoy, a large Volga industrialist of the 17th century, who later became the founder of the monastery in Saratov. One of Dubensky’s autographs dates back to 1682. This is an inscript on the book kept in the fund of the Regional Scientific Library of Saratov State University.

Book repertoire of printing houses of the Saratov province in 1918–1921

The processes of nationalization, concentration and centralization of printing production in the Saratov province, which took place against the background of the events of the civil war, led to a reduction in the number of printing establishments. In 1918–1921, the province changed the publishing paradigm, and a group of the most productive and technically equipped printing houses was formed under the auspices of the Saratov Council.

Boris Vladimirovich Lodygin, a governor of Saratov (1591–1593)

The article discusses unknown pages in the history of the original Saratov, associated with the stay in this city of the voivode Boris Vladimirovich Lodygin. For the first time, a detailed biography of this serviceman is presented, who, before his appointment to Saratov, as a governor in Kozelsk, participated in the defense of the southern borders of Russia, and then in the RussianSwedish war and the assault on Narva.The author traces the further fate of B. V. Lodygin, who after Saratov served in Putivl and in the Monastyrevsky prison.

Nikifor Mikhailovich Koshelev: The pages of biography

For the first time, the article presents the life of the Ryazan landowner Nikifor Mikhailovich Koshelev, whose service in the 1620s was closely associated with Saratov. Having been appointed commander of the streletsky order in the left-bank Saratov (streletsky head), he distinguished himself in many battles against thieves Cossacks and Tatars, for which he was twice awarded by the government of Mikhail Romanov. His further service has been traced during the embassy to Denmark together with Vasily Gavrilovich Korobyin.