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Russian historiography

Siberian Period in V. G. Tyukavkin’s Scientific Activity

The article defines the stages of the scientific activity of the State Prize laureate, Honored Worker of Science, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor V.G. Tyukavkin. The factors that influenced the formation of the historian’s world outlook are shown. It is proved that under the domination of the Marxist-Leninist methodology, the historian organically combined traditional and new approaches in the evaluation of capitalism development in the Siberian village. 

The figure of Andrey Ivanovich Osterman in Russian historical literature

The article attempts to give a general overview of the existing points of view in Russian historiography about the personality and state activity of A. I. Osterman. It is concluded that an important role in forming the idea of Osterman was played by political propaganda during the reign of Elizabeth. As a result, in Russian historical literature at all stages of its development, there was a tendency to see this political figure exclusively as an intriguer and adventurer.