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Russian emigration

Topics on Russian History in Imagination of Russian Emigration of the First Wave

The author in the article examines one of the aspects of social thought in emigration – the attitude to the historical heritage of the former Russian Empire. The article is based on the papers of “The Days” newspaper, which was not published before.

O. I. Pantuhoff Like a Symbol of Russian Scouts Unity

In this article the author considers history of Russian scouts movement in the emigration and role that play in this organization Chief Scout of Russia Oleg Pantuhoff. The author shows danger of crushing and disappearance of the scout organization abroad and then analyses uniting role which in this situation has played O.I. Pantjuhov. This work is written mainly for specialists of history of the Russian Scout movement, but it can be useful for historians who specialized in the history of Russian emigration and youth movements too.

Features of the existence of the Orthodox Church in China in the first half of the 1950s according to documents of State Archive of the Russian Federation

The article describes the peculiarities of the existence of the Orthodox Church in China during a difficult period, when the main carriers of the Orthodox faith – emigrants, immigrants from the territory of the former Russian Empire left the country. The research was based on archival sources, as well as some available publications. The author shows that in the early 1950s Orthodoxy in China began to decline. The idea of creating an independent Chinese Orthodox Church, which will be implemented in the future, also dates back to this time.