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Social Composition of the Members of the Volost Zemskiy Assemblies of Astrakhan, Orenburg and Stavropol Provinces Elected in August–October of 1917

In the article the results of election of the heads of Volost Zemskiy Assemblies taken place in the South-Eastern provinces of Russia at the end of the February Revolution are analyzed. The author has considered the social and political structure of Volost Zemskiy members, has classified the Zemskiy Assemblies according to the level of democracy and presence as well as has emphasized the importance of the results of the corresponding election campaign for the development of the Zemstvos and Russian society at the end of 1917 and later.

The Education Reform of Alexander II: Evaluative Judgments in Historical Writings of the Late XIX – Early XX Centuries

The education reform was an integral part of a set of measures to reform socio-economic and political life in Russia during the reign of Alexander II. The education reform became the subject of scientific research as early as the late XIX – early XX century. The value of these studies lies in the fact that they laid the basis for the historiography of education in Russia.

Incomes and Consumption of the Population of the Lower Volga in the Second Half of the 1960s – the mid-1980s

The article analyzes the dynamics of income and consumption of the population of the Lower Volga region during the pre-perestroika twenty years. Based on a wide range of evidence sources, we reveal the impact of the economic and foreign policy factors on the living standards in the region in 1965–1985. In conclusion, an assessment for the development level of the Soviet society in the mid-1980s is given.