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Russian-turkish war of 18771878. in a poetic publicism

The article discusses a number of poetry written on the topic of Balkan crisis of the 70's. XIX century. and the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. Examines the views of commentators on the causes and course of the war with the Ottoman Empire, shows the impact on the poetic journalism critical of public sentiment

«Russia from the Pen of a Remarkable Man»: V. P. Meshchersky's Letters to the Grand Prince Alexander Alexandrovich from the Business Trips in Russia

The description of V. P. Meshchersky's business trips in Russia (1867–1868) contained in his letters to the Grand Prince Alexander Alexandrovich is analyzed in the article. The research reveals the possibility of using this historical source on the study of the social and political role of the Russian travelogues created by the Russian conservatism ideologists.