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public diplomacy

Tourism as an instrument of “soft power” in international politics

The article examines the potential of tourism as a tool of “soft power” of public diplomacy. Conceptual approaches to the definition of the concept of “soft power” and “public diplomacy” are highlighted. When considering the structure of “soft power”, its emotional component is singled out separately. The author’s view is presented on understanding the systemic attractiveness of the tourist region, which makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of tourism as a tool of “soft power”.

Tourism as an instrument of public diplomacy

This article is devoted to issues of diplomatic development. The author marks the increasing role and value of public diplomacy in solution of global problems. Tourism takes up the special position among the main instruments of public diplomacy. It humanizes international relations and consolidates the image of the state. 

US public diplomacy in India: Obama’s legacy

The article discusses the main trends in US public diplomacy in India under Barack Obama. The Obama presidency was characterized by “Pivot to Asia”. India took one of the dominant positions in Obama’s Asian strategy. Furthermore, public diplomacy became the leading strategy tool. Particular attention is paid to the evolution of public diplomacy concepts. Two areas prevailed in public diplomacy in India – educational programs and the “women’s issue”. Washington also launched programs to increase literacy and access to technology.

“Staff Reserve” of De-Escalation: M. Rojansky on American-Russian Relations

The article is devoted to the analysis of the political, scientific and practical activities of the director of the Kennan Institute, Matthew Rojanski.