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Social Security of the Population in Dagestan in the 1920s – the First Half of the1930s

On the basis of new archive documents the question of social security of the population in Dagestan in the first time of Soviet government is considered. The social security system in the beginning of its work experienced problems related to the scope of the workers. One of the features of development of social security in 1930s was its excessive state participation or paternalization. The budget of the social security was consolidated into the state budget. Insurance of people engaged in farmer’s sector has a big political importance.

Revacuation of Residents of the Pskov Region (1944–1948)

The article discusses the process of returning of the inhabitants of the Pskov region to their native places after their liberation from the Nazi invaders, evacuated in 1941 to the eastern regions of the country. Digital data on the number of evacuated and re-evacuated, examples of state aid to the latter are presented, the difficulties of re-evacuation and the demographic consequences of the war for one of the indigenous regions of Russia are revealed.

Population of the Volga German Republic: Life and labour in June – September 1941 (for the 80th anniversary of the events)

The author of the article examines the changes that occurred in the life and work of the population of the Volga German Republic under the state of emergency caused by the outbreak of the war. The article examines the transformation of the state’s policy towards the Volga German: from emphasized loyalty to deaf hostility and their eviction from the region.

Relocation of the workforce from the Pskov region to the Amur (1961–1967)

The article deals with the problems of the implementation of state tasks in the Pskov region for the planned relocation of labor to multiland areas of the Amur region (1961–1967). Statistical data on the number of resettled are given, the difficulties of the ongoing campaigns and their consequences for one of the indigenous regions of Russia are revealed.