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Persian ambassadors

Governor of Saratov steward Nikita Ivanovich Golovin (1657–1659)

The article for the first time presents a detailed biography of the governor of Saratov Nikita Ivanovich Golovin. This serviceman in the homeland began his service at court in 1639 with the rank of steward. He received his first voivodship appointment in 1650, being appointed governor to Bryansk, and at the beginning of 1657 he was sent to Saratov as governor. Particular attention in the article is paidtothe Saratov service of N. I. Golovin.

Voivods of Saratov brothers Ivan and Mihail Volinskye (1594-1600)

The article describes the unknown pages of the early history of Saratov. The biographies of some of the voivods and  sources of Saratov this time are discussed in details. First the names of people who visited Saratov soon after it was built are given.

«New Saratov Chronicle» about the events of 1616–1641 years in the Saratov

The article describes the unknown pages of history of Saratov all over a quarter century, since the restoration of the city at the end of the Time of Troubles on the left bank of the Volga. First a detailed chronology of all of the currently known events that took place in this city for years 1616-1641 is presented, and characteristic of "Saratov Chronicle" made up 120 years ago, and indicate the main sources on the history of this period of Saratov