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«The Greatest Dandy of his Times» G.B. Brummell in Victorian Periodicals

The author in the article explores the reflection of the course of life of famous English dandy in the beginning of the XIX century G. Brummell in Victorian periodicals. The article is based on the reviews in various periodicals, which were published after the full biography of G. Brummell had been printed in 1844.

«Strangers in Parliament!»: the Procedural Incident of 1875 (from History of Political Culture of the Victorian England)

The article is devoted to history of periodicals in Great Britain in a context of evolution of democratic institutes of the British society. The problem is considered on an example of one of bright episodes of history of the British parliamentarism of 1875. Work is based on materials of the British parliament, the press, memoirs.

Russian periodicals on the humanitarian crisis in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War

The article, based on Russian periodic press, deals with the tragic fate of the Armenian people who were subjected to deportation and genocide during the First World War, The author analyzes the causes and stages of the genocide, reveals the mechanism of the Armenian population’s destruction.

The national liberation movemen in the Balkans and Russian-Turkish War of 1877–1878 the newpaper «Saratov data sheet»

This article analyzes the publication of the newspaper "Saratov data sheet" during the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. The author comes to a conclusion about the specifics reflect events in the regional press. The ideas of the Saratov society on the causes of the national liberation movement in the Balkans and Russia's war with the Ottoman Empire

The journals of the Primorsky and Amur communities of agriculture as a source on the history of the agrarian development of the Far Eastern region (early XX century)

The article deals with printed periodicals of large agricultural communities of the Amur region of the early XX century. It is shown to what extent the information published in them reflects the development of the agrarian sector of the region: government activities; development trends of the colonization land fund; the nature and methods of solving agricultural problems specific to the region. The conditions in which the Amur agricultural societies and the history of their printed periodicals operated are shown.

Book repertoire of printing houses of the Saratov province in 1918–1921

The processes of nationalization, concentration and centralization of printing production in the Saratov province, which took place against the background of the events of the civil war, led to a reduction in the number of printing establishments. In 1918–1921, the province changed the publishing paradigm, and a group of the most productive and technically equipped printing houses was formed under the auspices of the Saratov Council.