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Peculiarities of Organization of Anti-Tank Defense in the Malgоbek Defense Operation

The article is devoted to the analysis of the prerequisites, the main mechanisms, the results and the consequences of the Soviet anti-tank defense actions during the Malgobek defensive operation in 1942. The article indicates that the widespread use of tank and motorized formations in the direction of the main strike during the Malgobek defensive operation put the need for the speediest possible effective organization of anti-tank defense on the agenda.

The history of everyday life of the workers of the Savelyev shale mine in the Saratov region during the pre-war five-year plans

The article examines the little-studied history of the Savelyev shale mine and the daily life of workers and employees in 1931-1941. Within the framework of the methodological concept of social history and the history of everyday life, the issues of labor protection, accidents and injuries, food supply and catering, housing conditions and the state of medical care are considered. The article is based on archival materials that were first introduced into scientific circulation.