Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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local government

The Process of Municipalities Enlargement in Saratov Region as a Factor of Alteration of the Rural Settlement Structure at the Present Stage

Based on the analysis of the statistics on the alteration of the administrativeterritorial division of Saratov region, the historical process of municipalities enlargement and the change of number of rural and urban settlements is being examined and compared. The examination of rural resettlement is relevant in connection with the reorganization of the system of local government in the Russian Federation.

Experiments of Internal Affairs Ministry of Russia in the Sphere of Local Government: the Late 1850s – Early 1860s

The paper regards the experiments of Russian Internal Affairs Ministry conducted alongside with drafting bills on local management of gubernia and uezd institutions supervised by N. A. Milyutrin. The author is a pioneer in introducing the archive materials which prove that General Governor Prince I. I. Vasil’chikov, being in charge of the reforms in Kiev Gubernia, acted in accordance with the directions of Internal Affairs Ministry.