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Kingdom of Poland

The polish direction of Przemysl’s foreign policy in the second half of the XIII century

This article is devoted to the coverage of the foreign policy actions of the Czech rulers Przemysl Ottokar II and Wenceslaus II in the Polish lands. The latter, having analyzed the political miscalculations of his powerful father, Przemysl II Ottokar, decided to focus on the eastern direction of foreign policy, hoping to take advantage of the internecine strife of the Polish princes from the Piast dynasty.

«To Pacify the Land Subject to Us»: the Views of I. A. Arsenyev on the Polish Question in the early 1860s in the Context of the National Policy of the Russian Empire

Based on a wide range of sources and archival materials the article analyzes the position of the Russian publisher and publicist I. A. Arsenyev on the Polish issue on the eve of the Polish Uprising of 1863–1864. Arsenyev, seconded to Warsaw in 1861 to compile correspondences, was a journalist of a new format. He not only objectively recorded the events that contributed to the escalation of the Russian-Polish conflict, but after analyzing them, outlined his vision of the problem in a special note, which aroused interest in the highest government circles.