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Kazan province

Number Old Believer the Kazan Province in XIX – the Beginning of XX Centuries

Article is devoted a statistics problem Old believers. The author investigates government measures in this direction and answers thorny questions: what advantages and lacks why the statistics has not given desirable results at spent censuses of conservatives were. Also in article light is shed changes of number of supporters of old belief in the Kazan province in XIX and the beginning XX centuries, the old believe centres in province and on many other things.

City-fortress in the System Management of South-eastern Edge of Russia in the VIII Century

In the article the attempt to trace link between formation and development of the cities of fortresses and management of the southeast suburb of Russia during of the XVIII century is undertaken. Peter the Great reforms touched the field of a state policy and the administrative-territorial structure of Bashkiria. The distribution attempt of the general, unified control system on the territory of Bashkiria was undertaken for the first time during provincial reform in 1708 which is based on the developed urbanistic system.