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история городов

Slovak cities at the end of the XIV – first half of the XV century. The specifics of the situation and the reasons for the heyday

Slovak cities at the end of the XIV- first half of the XV century were actively developing and getting richer. Their situation was caused by a number of complex interrelated reasons. An important role here was played by international trade with the Czech Kingdom, the Polish Kingdom and other countries, mining and the support of the king in the struggle for city rights. At the same time, the kings did not stop exploiting the cities and sought benefits for themselves in supporting the communal struggle. German immigrants had an ambiguous influence on urban life.

Urban Solidarity: Reaction to the Town Revolts in the Low Countries in the XIV – Middle XV Centuries

The article deals with the evolution of relationship between the towns of Netherlands (mainly Flanders) during the XIV – middle XV centuries. The research of great town revolts shows gradual decrease of mutual support in the case of political crisis that could be caused by the increased power of the “central government” along with the rising number of economical and political contradictions which always existed between towns and regions of the Low Countries.