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interethnic relations

The policy of “indigenization” in the autonomous republics of RSFSR during the 1920s (based on the materials of Autonomous Republic of the Volga Germans)

The article highlights the process of “indigenization” as an element of Soviet national policy. The research has been conducted on the example of Autonomous Republic of the Volga Germans. The “indigenization” was an element of Soviet national policy in 1920s, accomplished in all the nation-state formations of the USSR both Union and autonomous. The “indigenization” was supposed to consolidate the position of “titular” nation, but also caused a whole new set of problems in interethnic relations.

The Collapse of the USSR and the Creation of a New System of Interethnic Relations in the Russian Federation in the 1990s

The article analyzes the specifics of interethnic relations in Russia after the collapse of the USSR in the 1990s. The process of institutionalization of the national policy of the Russian Federation is investigated. The main directions of reforming the «Asymmetric Federation» are considered. The question of formation of the civil nation «the Russian people» is studied.

The national composition of the Saratov region at the beginning of the XXI century: The stages of folding and prospects

The article analyzes the main stages of the national structure`s evolution of the region at the beginning of the foundation of Saratov to its radical transformation at the beginning of the third millennium. The problem of «new» ethnic groups in the modern development of a regional multinational community is considered. On the example of the system`s formation of ethno-confessional cooperation in the Saratov Region, the regularities and distinctive features of the Russian «imperialism» are determined.