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British Zenana missions of the XIX century and their projects for the liberation of Indian women

The article studies the goals, objectives, directions of work of the British zenana missions in the XIX th century based on the analysis of reports and articles in missionary magazines. It is shown that the creation of organizations was caused by the desire to help the disenfranchised women of India. Women missionaries sought to mitigate the social exclusion of Indian women, opposed cruel customs, slavery and humiliation of women, provided them with educational and medical services.

The Theoretical Bases of the «Mohammedan Renaissance» in the British India in Last Third of XIX Century

This article contains the brief analysis of the theoretical bases of «Mohammedans Renaissance» in the British India in the last third of XIX century. The author analyzes the publications of W. S. Blunt, W. H. Gregory, M. R. Ahmad, Khawji Ghulam-us-Saqlain on this problem. The author is of the opinion that the British politics and Mohammedan intellectuals created the effective model of modernization of Mohammedan community in British India.